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The Murder of Jennifer Brown (2023)

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

On January 3, 2023 Jennifer's business partner reported her missing after she failed to pick up her son at the bus stop after school, which was out of character for her. 2 weeks later her body was found in a shallow grave under a pile of pallets behind a warehouse only a few miles from her home in Royersford, PA. The same business partner that originally reported her missing has now been charged with her murder. Though this case isn't even close to cold, it is local to a few of us at KCC and is a developing story that we know many are following. We will add info and links to updates as they are released.

Please note: for info from our special episode #101 where we also mention the murder of Amy Gregory please click here.

Initial missing person articles:

Body found:

Arrest of Blair Watts:

View the Criminal Complaint document here (bottom of page):

Initial court appearance:

View the Criminal Docket here:

Upcoming Trial Info:

Latest updates:

Last updated 8/15/2023

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