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About Us

About The Podcast


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Our Story

Near the end of 2020, after wasting away during quarantine for a few months, Sarah asked Grace if she would like to start a podcast.  I mean, all we've been doing is listening to them... so why not create one ourselves?  So we put some feelers out to see if anyone else would be interested in our endeavor.  All we knew  at the time was that we wanted to do something within the genre of true crime.  We were soon joined by Amanda and Chelsea.  We decided on a focus and name and released our first episode in March 2021.  It was tough to find our footing at first, a lot more goes into producing a podcast than any of us had anticipated, and of course we had decided to pick a focus that brings up a LOT of emotions, but eventually we found our flow, went through a few team changes and here we are today!  Thank you so much to everyone who had supported us along the way!  

Our Team

Chelsea is an avid gardener and listener of true crime.  She works as a civil engineer, is an animal lover is raising her very own demon child.

Unsolved cases that fascinate her the most

In PA: Anna Maciejewska

Outside of PA: Brian Laspisa

Grace lives in a Philadelphia suburb with her husband and chronically anxious dog.  She has a Fashion Merchandising Degree from Albright College and worked in retail for a long time before realizing that it’s the worst. She enjoys watching Bob’s Burgers, creating things and napping.

Unsolved cases that fascinate her the most

In PA: The Mainline Murders (Susan, Michael and Karen Reinert)

Outside of PA: The Delphi Murders

Shannon is a Delco native who has been living in Chester County for almost 20 years.  She first got into true crime on a road trip with her husband when they stumbled upon a podcast about the West Memphis 3.  From then on she was obsessed and continued to seek out additional true crime podcasts.  She is looking forward to being on the other side of a podcast, as a part of the research and helping to put more information out there in order to hopefully provide answers and closure for the families and loved ones of the victims in these cases. 

Errica is originally from Lower Bucks County and currently resides in Montgomery County  She got into true crime in the early 00’s when she was bored at work and became obsessed with a website called  Crime Library… which sadly does not exist anymore.  The very first case she got into was the story of John List, who killed his entire family  and left them all in the ballroom of their giant house.  He turned the ac on and then disappeared for 18 years.  So for over 20 years she’s considered herself a true crime addict.  She’s into some podcasts but is still pretty new to the media.

Melanie lives in Harleysville with her husband and 2 children.  She works at Nationwide Insurance as Business Insights Consultant (so you KNOW she’s great at research) and she’s been in the industry for about 20 years.  She is also active in local and state campaigns.  Like the rest of us she’s heavy into crime docs and shows and is particularly interested in cold cases and would like to bring justice and closure for grieving families, especially those in underserved communities.

Darren is an audio engineer/musician from Southeastern PA.  Darren studied Music Production and Audio Engineering at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL.  He is currently a touring guitar/drum technician for some well-known artists and is the audio nerd behind the Keystone Cold Cases Podcast.

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