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Episode # 5: Beth Doe & Baby Jane Doe - Unidentified (1976)- UPDATE: Identified

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

UPDATE 4/9/2021- Evelyn was living with Luis, the father of her unborn child in Jersey City, New Jersey. She had called her mom to let her know she was not feeling well and asked if she would bring over some soup, but when her mother arrived, nobody was there. A neighbor told her mother that the family in the house had moved away. Later that year, the family received a letter from Evelyn in Spanish (as she was Puerto Rican) that was postmarked from Connecticut. She said she had given birth to a baby boy, not to worry about her and she would contact them if she had needed anything. Her family assumed she was safe and therefore never reported her missing.

UPDATE 3/31/2021- Beth Doe was identified as Evelyn Colon of New Jersey. She was 15 years old at the time of her disappearance. 63 year old, Luis Sierra of Ozone Park, NY has been charged with one count of Criminal Homicide and is currently in custody awaiting extradition. We will continue to update you as the case unfolds.

Three suitcases held the remains of a young soon-to-be mother that was sexually assaulted, strangled, shot, and dismembered. Her remains along wither her baby were stuffed into a suitcase and thrown off of I-81 Bridge over the Leigh River near White Haven, PA (Luzerne County)

Evelyn Colon AKA (Beth Doe & Baby Jane Doe)

Age: Late Teens/Early Twenties - Found: 12/20/1976

Est. Date of Death: 12/13/1976-12/19/1976

Ethnicity: Causcasian - Sex: Female

Height: 4'11"- 5'4" - Weight: 140-150lbs (9 Months Pregnant)

Hair Color: Dark Brown - Eye Color: Brown

Location Found: Leigh River- White Haven, PA (Luzerne County)

State of Remains: Recognizable - Nature of Death: Homicide

Injuries: Beth Doe was carrying a nine-month female fetus, had been sexually assaulted, strangled and shot in the neck (postmortem). Her body was then dismembered with a serrated blade, including her unborn child. Her nose, breasts, and ears had been removed and were never found, along with most of her hair. The dismemberment was described to be unlike that of a surgeon, but not "haphazard."

Distinguishing Characteristics: Beth was 9 months pregnant with a female fetus. she suffered severe tooth decay, had some molars extracted in her teen years, and some fillings. A 2-6 inch scar was visible above one of her heels and two moles on her face (one above her left eye and one on her left cheek) may have developed during her pregnancy. Beth Doe had type O blood.

Clothing/Items Found: Both Beth Doe and Baby Jane Doe were placed in 3 suitcases (that were spray painted black and the handles were cut off) and thrown from the I-81 bridge near the Leigh River in White Haven, PA (Luzerne County). Two of the suitcases were striped with red, blue, and white, and the other one was tan with a plaid design. Straw, packaging foam, a bedspread (reddish-orange in color with yellow and pink embroidered flowers), and fragments of a newspaper had been used to wrap parts of the body. The newspaper was later determined to have been The New York Sunday from September 26, 1976, and was linked to the northern part of New Jersey.

Missing Persons Ruled Out: Madelyn “Maggie” Cruz, Sheryl Ann Tillinghast, Annastaes Banitskas, Iris Brown, Valerie Cuccia, Teresa Fittin, Trenny Gibson, Rory Kesinger, Anna Leatherwood, Georgia Nolan, Sherry Roach, Mary Robinson, Patricia Seelbaugh, and Denise Sheehy

DNA: Available- According to analysis of Beth Doe's tooth enamel, she was most likely born in western or central Europe (The Balkans, most likely Serbia or Croatia) and moved to the US as a child or a teenager. The analysis also indicated that she had lived in the US for at least 5 years before she was killed. As for the fetal analysis, the results suggest that the geographic origin of gestation occurred in the Southeastern USA.

Dental Records: Available

Fingerprints: Not Available

NameUs Case Number: 8913

NCMEC: 1104191

NCIC: U833004226

Any one with information is asked to call Pennsylvania State Police at 570-459-3890, The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 800-843-5678. If you would like to remain anonymous you can call PA Crime Stoppers at 800-4PA-TIPS

CASH REWARD: Up to $1,545 for information that leads to the identification of Beth Doe.


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