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Episode #8: Lauren Maria Pico Jackson - Missing (1988)

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Lauren Maria Pico Jackson was playing in the dirt in front of her home at the Spring Park Apartment Complex on the evening of October 4th, 1988. When her mother came out to check on her, Lauren had vanished. The only clue that remains are two sets of footprints walking away.

Lauren Maria Pico Jackson

Birth: 9/26/1983 - Missing: 10/4/1988

Ethnicity: Caucasian - Sex: Female

Height: 2'6 - Weight: 34lbs

Hair Color: Brown - Eye Color: Hazel

Hometown: Malvern, PA (Chester County)

Last Known Location: Playing in the dirt out front of her home at the Park Springs Apartments Complex in Spring City, PA. Bloodhounds were able to track Lauran to the front of the Vincent Motel 3585 Schuylkill Road, Spring City, PA

Clothing: White long sleeve t-shirt with a California Raisin on the front (and possibly the back), Black knit pants with an iron stain/burn on the back and white Reeboks with pink laces.

Distinguishing Characteristics: She has scars from a double hernia surgery and a cleft palate correction. She has a clubbed foot and hip dysplasia.

Additional Information: Two set of footsteps were found and indicate Lauren was holding hands with this unidentified suspect. The bottom of the shoes were smooth, believed to be a men's size 7-9 shoe., approximately weighing 120-160 pounds. It was also noted that Lauren’s prints were closer to the road than the suspects. At the end of the tracks it doesn’t look like there was a fight put up or a scuffle which indicates it seemed she knew the person.

DNA: Unknown

Fingerprints: Unknown

Dental Records: Unknown

If you have any information please call East Vincent Police Department at 610-431-6363, FBI at Newton Square 610--353-4500, or if you wish to stay anonymous call crime stoppers at 1-800-472-8477.

CASH REWARD: Up to $30,000 for information leading to a location or arrest.



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