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Episode #28: The Isler Children - Murdered (1986)

The silence of the night was shattered with the screams of 4 children trying to escape the flames inside their home. Only 1 child made it out alive. Who started the fire and why?

Franklin, Taira & Lanny Isler

Birth: 1977, 1978 & 1980 - Death: 1/22/1986

Ethnicity: All Caucasian - Sex: Male, Male, Female

Height: Unknown - Weight: Unknown

Hair Color: Unknown - Eye Color: Unknown

Hometown: Uniontown, PA (Fayette County)

Crime Scene: Their residence on North Gallatin Avenue in Uniontown

Last Known Location Alive: Home around 9:30PM

Injury Description: Smoke Inhalation

Suspect Description: Unknown

Additional Information: Gasoline was used as accelerant in the living room.


Fingerprints: No

If You have any information, no matter how small the detail please contact Trooper Daerr with the PA State Police Department at 724-439-7111 or PA Crime Stoppers at 1-800-4PA-TIPS. Remember you can always remain anonymous.

CASH REWARD: $1,000 Reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.


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