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Episode #26: Sheree Magaro - Murdered (1987)

Sheree left her boyfriend's house in Maryland during a blizzard. When the snow finally stopped falling, only her vehicle and signs of a struggle were found.

Sheree Magaro

Birth: 10/23/1956 - Death: 2/23/1987

Ethnicity: Caucasian - Sex: Female

Height: 5'3" - 5'4" - Weight: 160lbs

Hair Color: Brown - Eye Color: Brown

Hometown: Harrisburg, PA (Dauphin County)

Crime Scene: The vehicle was located in a field west of State Route 213, which is approximately two miles south of the Bohemia River Bridge, north of Cecilton in Maryland. Although the snow in the field was 16 to 18 inches deep, only one inch was under the car, which indicated it had been left there between 10:15 and 10:45 p.m. the previous night.

Last Known Location Alive: She was last seen leaving her fiancé's house in Kentmore Park, Maryland on February 22, 1987 at approximately 9:45 p.m. She was driving her gray four-door 1976 Ford Torino at the time.

Injury Description: Unknown. Hair, blood and human tissue belonging to Sheree was found inside the vehicle. It is assumed she is dead due to the amount of brain matter and blood recovered.

Suspect Description:

1. Man seen using her credit card was described as being a white male with a dark complexion, in his 20’s, about 5’9”, 160lbs, short military style black hair, with blue or green eyes.

2. Another witness reported a man talking to a woman in a car that resembled Sheree’s vehicle. He was described as a white male, approximately 25-30 years old, 5’10”, and 170lbs. He had dark hair, brown eyes, and a mustache.

3. A carload of men headed south on Route 213 around 10pm reported seeing a Ford Mustang with Maryland plates in the field with its hazard lights. They described a man flagged them down but as they approached he denied wanting help. This was only a mile from where Sheree’s was found. The witnesses weren't sure of the year of the vehicle but police were able to narrow it down based on the description of the lights and the years they were used on. So the Ford Mustang could have been a 1974-1978, 1983 or a 1987

Additional Information: Just 2 days later, a bloody shirt was discovered about a mile north of Sheree’s abandoned vehicle. It was a men’s large shirt with a 16 ½” neck. It was made in Hong Kong with no special labeling. Something found at any Dollar Store or K-Mart. I was confirmed it was Sheree’s blood on the shirt, but not that it was Sheree’s shirt. A trash cleanup crew found a JCPenney credit card on White Hall Road, about 8 miles from where Sheree’s vehicle was found.

DNA: Unknown

Fingerprints: Unknown

If You have any information, no matter how small the detail please contact the Maryland State Police at 301-398-8101. Remember you can always remain anonymous.

CASH REWARD: Sizable Reward Available


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