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Episode #113: Joanne Williams - Missing (1978)

In December of 1978, 22 year-old Joanne Williams disappeared under mysterious circumstances from her hometown of Scranton, PA. Her disappearance would lead investigators to wonder... could Scranton have a serial killer?

Joanne Williams

Birth: 1956 - Death: Unknown (last seen 12/7/1978 - legally declared dead in 1991)

Ethnicity: Caucasian - Sex: Female

Height: 5'2" - Weight: 95 lbs

Hair Color: Blonde - Eye Color: Blue

Other:  Last seen wearing a leotard top, a beige tweed jacket and blue jeans.

She was driving her red 1977 Datsun 200 SX with white racing stripes (accounted for)

Hometown: Scranton, PA - Lackawanna County

Crime Scene: Unknown

Last Known Location Alive: Her parents' home, where she lived

Injury Description: Unknown

Suspect Description: Frank Osellanie is considered a possible suspect in Williams's case. He was convicted of kidnapping, raping and murdering a nine-year-old Scranton girl in 1990 and sent to prison for the rest of his life. He is considered a person of interest in several other cases.

Osellanie said he did not know Williams. He maintained his innocence in all the cases and investigators are not sure whether he was involved. He died in prison in 2020. (The Charley Project)

Additional Information: On December 16, 1978, nine days after Williams vanished, her car was found parked at Lafayette Street and north Everett Avenue. It was unlocked and inside was her paycheck and her purse with its contents undisturbed. There was no sign of her at the scene. (The Charley Project)

DNA: Unknown

Dental: Unknown

Fingerprints: Unknown

If you have any information about the case of Joanne Williams please contact the Scranton Police at (570) 348-4130

Case number R01-0159777













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