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Patreon Sneak Peek: Gary Heidnik

This week, we’re offering a sneak peek at one of the solved cases you can hear by joining our Patreon: Part one of our two-part episode on Gary Heidnik.

Gary Heidnik

How do we know when someone is truly evil? Do we have preconceived notions formed by society? Does our mind jump to individuals in lower class, different ethnicities, someone who has tattoos, etc? Do we ever suspect someone who is well mannered or a community leader? We are going to talk about Gary Heidnik who utilized his social skills, intelligence, and desire to commit evil atrocities. We have talked about some brutal stories on this podcast, but I personally think this case is heart wrenching and was 100% unavoidable. Through Gary’s life he took advantage of multiple women, raped them, kidnapped them, and even killed two of his victims.

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