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Episode #13: Ryan Stevyn Benjamin - Murdered (2016)

Updated: May 18, 2021

Who could tie a cinder block to someone's leg and throw them into a pond like a piece of garbage? Follow along as we dive into the unsolved murder of this beautiful 24 year old woman.

Ryan Stevyn Benjamin

Birth:1992- Death: 5/30/2016

Ethnicity: African American - Sex: Female

Height: Unknown - Weight: Unknown

Hair Color: Brown - Eye Color: Unknown


Crime Scene: Unknown- Her body was found at Pigeon Creek Pond in East Covertry Township. She was tied to cinder blocks which were holding her under the water, however the pond was only 4 feet deep.

Last Known Location Alive: Over the holiday weekend by friends. No names have been released.

Injury Description: Cause of death has not been released to the public. There were no gun shot wounds, blunt force trauma, or strangulation apparent on her body. They did rule out drowning due to lack of water in the lungs. The medical examiner ran a toxicology test but the results were not released to the public.

Suspect Description: Unknown

Additional Information: N/A

DNA: Yes

Fingerprints: Unknown

If You have any information, no matter how small the detail please contact the Chester County Detective Sgt. Tom Goggin at 610-344-6866 or PA Crime Stoppers at 1-800-262-3080. Remember you can always remain anonymous.



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