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Episode #82: Katy's Church - Legend (1800s)

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

In eastern PA, a white church sits in a small town. With an active congregation, this church from the 19th century has been kept up over the years. The legend behind the church revolves around the hanging of a young girl who was likely pregnant. What exactly is the truth behind Millville, PA's Katy's Church?

Katy's Church, Millville, PA - Columbia County

Over the years there have been multiple paranormal sightings at the church. People have reported seeing blood drip from the windows of the church, a noose hanging in the tree by her grave, and have even seen Katy’s apparition along the road or in the cemetery. There have also been reports of people hearing strange noises and screams coming from the church. Local lore claims that if you were to stand on her grave and knock on the tree where she was hung her ghost will appear and walk to you, but the sighting will only occur during the night of a harvest moon.

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