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Episode #63 & 65: Michael Rosenblum - Murdered? (1980)

Updated: May 30, 2022

Michael Rosenblum was big into the party lifestyle. All he wanted to do was get high, drive his sports car and hook up with attractive women. He wasn’t a bad guy, but he got himself into some sticky situations. When he first went missing on Valentine’s Day 1980 no one could ever have predicted the story that would unfold.


Birth: 4/12/1954 - Death: Legally listed as 2/14/1980

Ethnicity: Caucasian - Sex: Male

Height: 5'10" - Weight: 135 lbs

Hair Color: Brown (shoulder length) - Eye Color: Brown

Other: Driving girlfriend Lisa’s dark blue 1980 Pontiac Sunbird: ABF687

Hometown: Shadyside, PA

Crime Scene: Unknown

Last Known Location Alive: Driving his girlfriend's car on River Road in Baldwin Borough

Injury Description: Unknown

Suspect Description: Unknown

Additional Information: Michael left his girlfriend Lisa and her daughter at a gas station near Baldwin Borough just hours before he went missing

9 years after he went missing a piece of human skull was found in the area between River Road and the Monongahela River. The piece of skull was proven to be Michael's.

DNA: Unknown

Dental: Unknown

Fingerprints: Unknown



Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 12 Nov 1987 pg 1, 6-7

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