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Episode #58: Margaret Martin - Murdered (1938)

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Smart, young, recent college grad Margaret Martin went missing after responding to a call for a job interview in December of 1938. She had no clue she was walking to her death at only 19 years old. Just 4 days later another 19-year old was checking his muskrat traps when he discovered something floating in the creek. Unfortunately, he had just found Margaret’s body.

Margaret Martin

Birth: 1918/19 - Death: Dec 1938

Ethnicity: Caucasian - Sex: Female

Other: According to Betty Hopkins, a former classmate,

Martin was "a shy, studious, friendly girl who had many friends."

Her parents described her as "a living saint." She was also a devout Catholic.

Hometown: Kingston, PA - Luzerne County

Crime Scene: Her body was found in a creek in the woods of Wyoming County

Last Known Location Alive: Leaving her home in Kingston, PA allegedly getting into a dark colored sedan

Injury Description: **CW GRAPHIC**

Margaret was severely abused, beaten with an object that was likely a rock, strangled and brutally raped.

It appeared as if the murdered had tried to dismember her, but had failed.

Suspect Description: sandy blond hair, late 20s-early 30s, slightly overweight, smartly dressed

Additional Information: Very shortly after her college graduation, Margaret received a call that a man wanted to set up an interview with her for a position. Allegedly, he told her that he was forming an insurance business and was in need of a secretary. She set up that interview for December 17, 1938 at Kingston Corners. She left for this interview and was never seen alive again.


Fingerprints: Unknown

Even though this is not an active case, if You have any information, no matter how small the detail please contact Crime Stoppers at 1-1800-4PA-TIPS or the Wilkes-Barre State Police at 570-697-2000


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