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Episode #27: Anthony Capasso - Missing (2018)

Anthony had recently relapsed and was out one last time before he went back to rehab. This time though, he never returned.

Anthony Capasso

Birth: 2/19/1990 - Missing: 3/4/2018

Ethnicity: Caucasian - Sex: Male

Height: 6'2" - Weight: 340lbs

Hair Color: Brown - Eye Color: Brown

Hometown: Green Lane, PA (MontgomeryCounty)

Last Known Location: His home in Green Lane, PA. His vehicle was found the following his disappearance on the ramp of Route 1 leading onto the Schuylkill expressway (westbound). His wallet was left inside but the keys to the vehicle was missing. Anthony had recently relapsed and had left home for one last high before going back to rehab.

Clothing: At the time of his disappearance he was wearing gray basketball shorts, a bright orange t-shirt with cut off sleeves that may have had driveway sealer splattered all over it. He also had a grey zip up hoodie with a bright yellow inside hood and bright blue/black sneakers.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Anthony had dentures and was known to have a goatee from time to time, which he did at the time of his disappearance. He might also have been wearing a white metal locket with a photo of a baby girl inside.

If you have any information that may lead to the whereabouts of Anthony please contact the Marlborough Township Police at 215-234-9161.



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