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Episode #122: Karen Sue Adams - Missing (2007)

Karen Sue Adams was a 54 year old woman living in Aliquippa, PA when at 2:00 PM on March 11, 2007 she decided to drive to the Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort, in New Cumberland, WV which is about 40 minutes from her home. She decided to leave the casino at about 4:00 AM March 12, 2007. Unaware at the time, that would be the last anyone would see her or her vehicle again.

Karen Sue Adams

Birth: 01/10/1953 – Date Last Seen: 03/11/2007

Ethnicity:  Caucasian         Sex: Male/Female

Height:  5ft. 4 in.    Weight: 120 lbs.

Other pertinent information: Two dark layered shirts, blue jeans, green coat, baseball cap

Hometown: Aliquippa, PA - Beaver County

Crime Scene: Unknown

Last Known Location Alive: Mountaineer Racetrack and Casino

Injury Description: Unknown

Suspect Description: Israel Keyes is the only actual suspect in this case. His profile generally meets the qualifications of what may or may not have happened to her.


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