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Episode #119 - Michelle Jolene Lakey - Missing (1986)

After visiting her mother in a Scranton hospital, Michelle Jolene Lakey began her walk home with the intent of returning to visit her mother again before spending the night at her friend's house. One block from her home, witnesses saw her speaking with someone in a yellow car, which she then got in. Michelle never made it home and has not been seen or heard from since. Did Michelle fall victim to the same suspect, making her one of the Scranton 5?

Michelle Jolene Lakey

Birth: 10/21/1974 Date Last Seen: 8/26/1986

Ethnicity: Caucasian           Sex: Female

Height: 4ft. 9 in Weight: 80 lbs

Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown eyes

Last seen wearing a white shirt with purple trim, blue sweatpants

Hometown: Scranton, PA – Lackawanna County

Last known location: Walking home from Mercy Hospital (now Commonwealth Health Regional Hospital) to her home on N. Washington Avenue in Scranton.

Suspects: Area and MO coincides with that of Frank Osellanie

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