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Episode #115: Laureen Finn - Murdered (1987)

Scranton 5 Continued...

In December of 1987, Laureen Finn was murdered and her body was found on fire near the University of Scranton campus. Over three decades later Laureen's killer is still a mystery...or is he?

Laureen Finn

Birth: 9/7/1968 - Death: 12/11/1987

Ethnicity: Caucasian - Sex: Female

Hometown: Scranton, PA - Lackawanna County

Crime Scene: Unknown, body found on Monroe Street, Scranton PA

Last Known Location Alive: O'Toole's Tavern

Injury Description: Possible bludgeoning and sexual assault, body doused with accelerants and set on fire

Suspect Description: Frank Osselanie has been mentioned due to the proximity of this murder to the others and similar method to another victim.

Additional Information:

DNA: Unknown - it was thought there was sperm collected but it was not preserved and did not advance the case

Fingerprints: Unknown

If you have any information about the case of Laureen Finn, please contact the Scranton Police at (570) 348-4130

















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