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Episode #100: Merrybeth Hodgkinson - Murdered (1995)

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

In September of 1995, skeletal remains were discovered by some children behind a diner in Bensalem, PA. An autopsy later determined that the remains were of a woman who had been there for 2-3 years prior to the discovery. She remained an unidentified white female, or “Jane Doe” for 26 years, also known as “Bucks County Jane Doe” and “Clubhouse Jane Doe”.

Source: PhillyBurbs

Merrybeth Hodgkinson

Birth: 1961 - Death: approx. Sept 1992

Ethnicity: Caucasian - Sex: Female

Hometown: Warminster, PA - Bucks County

Crime Scene: Her skeleton was found behind the Club House Diner in Bensalem, PA

Last Known Location Alive: visiting family in Warminster, PA in 1992

Injury Description: Though the first autopsy listed her death as homicide by unspecified means, a later examination found that she most likely died by strangulation

Suspect Description: Though not the same as a suspect, there is a person of interest: a man named William “Wild Bill” Montgomery, 58, formerly of Bensalem. He is currently in a prison near Pittsburgh, PA and admitted to murdering two women. One of the women was an exotic dancer (Merrybeth was as well) and he disposed of that body in a manner similar to how Merrybeth's body was disposed of.

Additional Information: Merrybeth's remains were exhumed in 2004, but she was not identified until 2021

DNA: Unknown

Fingerprints: Unknown

Bensalem Police Detectives ask that anyone who knew Merrybeth Hodgkinson PLEASE contact Detective Chris McMullin of the Bensalem Police at 215-633-3726 or Detective Greg Biedler of the Bucks County DA’s Office at 215-348-6344. You can also call the Bensalem Police Department at 215-633-3719.










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