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Meet the KCC team!

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Crime Stoppers of PA 



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Chelsea - about


Chelsea is an avid gardener and listener of true crime.  She works as a civil engineer, is an animal lover and is raising her very own demon child.  

Unsolved cases that fascinate her the most:
In PA: Anna Maciejewska
Outside of PA: Brian Laspisa


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Grace - About


Grace lives in a Philadelphia suburb with her husband and chronically anxious dog.  She has a merchandising degree from Albright College and worked in retail for a long time before realizing that it's the worst.  She enjoys watching Bob's Burgers, creating things and napping. 

Unsolved cases that fascinate her the most:
In PA: The Mainline Murders (Susan, Karen and Michael Reinert)
Outside of PA: The Delphi Murders 

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Sarah is a teacher and has a vested interest in linguistics (specifically forensic linguistics).  Her husband is an emergency responder and was a guest host on an earlier episode.  They have two fur-children, Nala (attention-hog cat) who has also probably featured in some episodes accidentally and Moose (insane dog).

Unsolved cases that fascinate her the most:
In PA: The Boy in the Box
Outside of PA: Brian Shaffer

Sara - About


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Darren - About


Darren Makins is an an audio engineer/musician from Southeastern PA.  Darren studied Music Production and Audio Engineering at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL.  He is currently a touring guitar/drum technician for several well-known artists, is the audio nerd behind Keystone Cold Cases Podcast and is the rhythm guitarist for Philadelphia - based hard - rock band, Palaceburn. 

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