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Episode #61: Dale Kerstetter - Missing/Endangered (1987)

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Dale Kerstetter was a maintenance man and security guard for Corning Glassworks in Bradford, PA in 1987 when he mysteriously vanished from his position on Sept 12, never to be seen again.


Birth: 3/7/1937 - Death: Unknown (legally declared in July 2014)

Ethnicity: Caucasian - Sex: Male

Height: 5'4" - Weight: 130 lbs

Hair Color: Brown/gray with receding hairline - Eye Color: Blue

Other: Two upper front false teeth, was wearing dark shirt and pants when last seen

Hometown: Bradford, PA - McKean County

Crime Scene: Corning Glassworks in Bradford, PA

Last Known Location Alive: His job at Corning Glassworks

Injury Description: Unknown

Suspect Description: Masked man seen on CC security footage

Additional Information: $250,000 worth of platinum pipe was missing from the building along with Dale when police showed up

DNA: unknown

Dental: unknown

Fingerprints: unknown

If you have any information, you can call PSP at 814-938-0532 or submit a tip at:


Updated on 12/1/2022

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